First things first: Yes, there is a church of the flying spaghetti monster. It sprouted up as a response to a comment by new atheist author/speaker Richard Dawkins. The idea took root, not as a religion, so much as a sarcastic stab at the idea of believing in God. Thus the church of the flying spaghetti monster came to life. The church itself is a joke. It is not something that really needs to be dealt with. What ought to be addressed, and what I aim to address the in the following series of essays is the amazing degree of willfully blind ignorance and arrogance with which the privileged intellectual elitist new atheist movement dismisses any notion of God. This arrogance/ignorance have trickled down through classrooms and the media to the a growing segment of the general population that rejects truth in Christianity based on spurious arguments and fallacious reasoning. Rather than discuss ideas and honestly debate, the growing tendency is to resort to mockery, sarcasm and attack. Which is pretty amazing because mockery and sarcasm represent the weakest approaches in argumentation. I would argue that this is because the intellectual engine that drives this form of skepticism is more accustomed to arguing with straw men and ill-equipped believers. All too often, arguments aiming to refute the existence of God or any sort of creator are easily summed up in the following way: “there is no proof and everyone who dares suggest there is any proof is stupid to the point that we shouldn’t even discuss what they are saying.” This is usually followed by plugging fingers in the ears and yelling: “You are stupid! I am not listening to you!” when retort is offered up. The weird irony that cannot be missed by any objective observer is the excessive quantity of scholarship and intellectual pursuit that has gone into Christianity over the millennia, or that modern science is a product of Judeo-Christian assumptions regarding the world. All too often Christianity is caricatured as intellectually inferior and a crutch for the ignorant. Such caricatures are usually dripping with contempt and venom that render objective intelligent discussion impossible.

In the following series of essays I will address some of the basic proofs that support the claims of Christianity and I will speak to some of the more wrongheaded attacks raised against the faith. Very little of this will be original material. It doesn’t have to be. I will stand on the shoulders of centuries of brilliant men who have made these arguments before me. The first 5 or so of these essays will focus on the historical claims of Christianity, claims that are frequently attacked from a place of total and startling ignorance. The major objective isn’t for people to read this and realize the error of their ways or to offer a definitive defense of the faith. The goal is to equip the reader to answer some of the tougher questions leveled against Christianity. This ought to be fun. Please feel free to email me about these essays.